Combined Land and sea

Combine your trip with a stay on land and a catamaran cruise through the islands of north-west Madagascar.

Our catamarans sail from Moramba Bay, south of the Radama Islands, to Courrier Bay, north of Nosy Mitsio. Land-based stays take place in our various accommodation options, as well as in the northern region of Madagascar when visiting the parks from Nosy Hara.

ordered by crystal-clear waters rich in flora and fauna, and home to many unspoilt islands, Madagascar is first and foremost an island, and there’s no better way to discover it than on a holiday that includes a trip to the sea.

The seafaring trip is ‘à la carte’, depending on your choice and, of course, the weather conditions.

For example, you can embark on a cruise to the north to discover the islands of the Nosy Hara archipelago. then finish your holiday on land; or head for the southern islands to Moramba Bay, one of Madagascar’s most beautiful bays, then finish your holiday in Ankazoberavina or Nosy Komba and enjoy the last few days to relax.
You can also combine a week on land, to unwind, with a second on board our catamaran for a trip to the Mitsio Islands or the Radama Islands.

"Have you ever seen sea turtles while diving or snorkelling?

Two types of turtle come to lay their eggs in the area: hawksbill turtles and green turtles".
Your trip between land and sea can be organised in any order you wish.
You are free to choose to explore the northern islands rather than the southern ones, and vice versa. Or extend your stay at sea by going further north to the islands of Courrier Bay, or south to the islands of Moramba Bay.

Our ecolodge is located on the island of Ankazoberavina. It’s a private island paradise, where you’ll enjoy an exclusive stay; a veritable little reserve, where you’ll meet the maki macaco lemurs, as well as the fish eagle, known as Ankoay in Malagasy. You can observe it in its natural environment from the top of a bungalow perched in a tree.

Our scuba diving centre will help you discover the magnificent seabed surrounding the island.
Sea turtles regularly come to the island’s shores to lay their eggs at night, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to witness one of these magical moments.

You will then board one of our catamarans for your cruise.
You’ll discover the wonders of the Indian Ocean, with its many paradise islands lined with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

You can discover the seabed by snorkelling or even scuba diving with an experienced instructor. Along the way, it’s not unusual to come across humpback whales, numerous dolphins and even during the months of Ocotber to December, you can enjoy the unique experience of swimming with whale sharks.

A magical, unforgettable journey to discover the wonders of Madagascar’s north-west coast. An invitation to dream.

Itineraries and Stays

Ulysse routes


The itineraries can be modified, so you can choose which islands you want to visit. We will draw up a personalised itinerary for you.


Discovery or course

You can dive on a diving cruise or from our diving center based on the Ankazoberavina island.



Combined or on land, discover our different types of accommodation in the Nosy Be archipelago.