Cruise Catamaran

We offer cruises to the Mitsio islands, the Radama, Nosy Iranja, as well as the Nosy Be archipelago: Tanikely, Russian bay, Nosy Ankazoberavina.

Daily excursions are available to Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Ankazoberavina.

Ylang Ylang, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, orchid, frangipani, pepper and cinnamon – these are just some of the scents that float in the sea breeze across Nosy Be bay, where humpback whales stop off on their migratory journey.

Discovering north-west Madagascar aboard Ulysses Explorer means travelling by sea, through the many islands that make up the beauty of the region’s archipelagos.

It means visiting the lands bordering the ocean; meeting a people with many charms and always a smile; discovering the flavours of an exotic country, while enjoying the comfort and many services offered on board. But above all, it’s about experiencing an unforgettable moment in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Whether you cruise aboard our catamarans or stay in one of our accommodations, we’ll share our experience of the sea and the region with you.


Our dives take place in the bay of Nosy Be, more specifically around the island of Beravina, ideally situated between Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja.

Our catamarans are equipped for scuba diving, and we also have two speedboats that provide access to all the dive sites in the area in less than 30 minutes.



Do you prefer dry land? You can combine a land and sea holiday. You can stay at our ecolodge, which is located on a private island, or in our holiday flats and villas in Nosy Be and Nosy Komba.


We have a fleet of fast boats so that we can get to the excursion, observation and scuba diving spots quickly and in the best possible sailing conditions. You won’t have to worry about being too far from the coast. Divers will also be delighted with a spacious boat and a handrail to make it easier to move around the boat.

  • Alcione’s twin 150 hp engines ensure safe cruising.
  • Exo 7, 200 cv.
  • Hippocampe, 115 cv.
  • Zanandrano, 60 cv.

Whether you’re on a sea excursion, a dive or a whale watching trip, we want you to feel confident that you’ve made the best choice.




Whale watching

From August to October, we spot and approach groups of whales without disturbing them.

Whale shark

Whale watching

From October to December. Observe and swim alongside the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark, Rhincodon typus.


Green & Hawksbill

Dive or snorkel to observe the green turtles and hawksbill turtles present in the region.

"On a cruise or during a stay on our private island you will enjoy an ideal geographical location

halfway between Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja to observe humpback whales, whale sharks and the marine and terrestrial wildlife that surrounds us".

Itineraries and Stays

Ulysse routes

All our destinations

The itineraries can be modified, so you can choose which islands you want to visit. We will draw up a personalised itinerary for you.

Combined land and sea

Opt for a mixed holiday

Enjoy a cruise aboard one of our catamarans, then spend part of your stay on land.


Our accommodation ashore
Discover our accommodation: ecolodge on private island, flat or villa for rent.

Massimiliano Felici

Its first diving centre was set up in Sainte-Marie in 1990.
He started out exploring the seabed, discovering wrecks and shoals, before specialising in whale watching in Madagascar with a number of other operators.
Since then, he has acquired an in-depth knowledge of cetaceans, their secrets and the best way to observe them.

An active participant in scientific missions for the protection and understanding of whales, he has taken part in the production of various documentaries on the Madagascar seabed.

He currently lives in Ankazoberavina and is in charge of managing the island’s park, as well as taking part in a project to protect the sea turtles, in partnership with the WCS association and Chelonia.