Ecolodge Beravina

Bungalows on a private island

For those who want to spend their holiday on land, Ankazoberavina, “island of big-leafed trees” in Malagasy, offers 14 hectares of virgin forest on the north-western tip of Madagascar surrounded by the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel in an area where sharks, tuna and dolphins abound.

The neighbouring islands of Antsoha and Nosy Ankivonjy are among Madagascar’s protected areas, overseen by Nature Sauvage, the company that owns the area’s only ecotourism facility.

The hotel is made up of eight bungalows, invisible from the sea, hidden among the coconut trees and built using traditional techniques and natural materials.

The water comes from a source on the coast and the electricity is provided by a generator that excludes the areas adjacent to the beaches to avoid frightening the sea turtles that lay their eggs there at night.

"Come and sail aboard our cruising catamarans

When the ocean calls, don't say no".

The island’s meagre hectares of dry land support an ecosystem rich in plant and animal species, including chameleons, lemurs and sea turtles.
The Madagascar fish eagle, an endangered species, has established itself on the tops of the tallest trees, which reach 30 metres.

The island’s unspoilt forest is criss-crossed by a path that links the small village with the basalt pebble beaches at the south-eastern end.

Outings by pirogue, sailboat or motorboat allow you to visit neighbouring islands and go trolling. The splendid beaches of Nosy Tanikely and Nosy Iranja are not far away. The Baie des Russes, with its quiet fishing villages, and the Canal des Mangroves, home to a large community of Madagascar crocodiles, complete the natural picture here.

Others accommodation

Les Terrasses d'Ulysse

Nosy Be

“Les Terrasses d’Ulysse” offers 5 spacious flats for rent in the heart of Nosy Be’s main town, Hell-Ville.

Villa Nautilus

Nosy Komba

Villa Nautilus is located in the north of Nosy Komba, 20 minutes’ walk from Ampangorina, the island’s largest village.