The newborn turtle

The newborn turtle

Last update on 16th June, 2017 at 10:31 am

The newborn hawksbill turtle


tortue nosy be madagascar

Magnificent spectacle of the first dip in the vastness of the ocean for a small vulnerable hawksbill turtle !

With its small overlapping scales that overlap, newborn hawksbill trying to win wide. They are among the 150 to 200 eggs laid by the mother in the nest.
For more information on egg laying turtles : See the article below.

We can found them in all tropical seas of the planet, feed primarily on soft corals, sponges, sea urchins and jellyfish.

Currently the international trade of turtles is illegal, the global population of these turtles is declining in recent years : what are the reasons ?

– Commerce : the shell is used for decoration and costume jewelery and wrap gifts and decorative items (eg Madagascar).
– Pollution : plastics and other toxic waste.
– Overfishing : huge nets and sometimes even the dynamite fishing (Asia).
– Some people consume turtle meat.

Here’s a video of newborns hawksbill turtles trying to reach the sea.