The nesting sea turtles

The nesting sea turtles

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The hawksbill and green turtles


turtle nosy be madagascar

Two types of turtles come to nest in the area.
The green turtle, Chelonia mydas, and the hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata, they are family Cheloniidae.

Hawksbill turtles come October to February to spawn, green turtles are present all year.
You can see the turtles underwater snorkeling when seeking food.


nesting sea turtle madagascar


Spawning takes place at high tide (day or night) prefer to lay nested near trees or shrubs, green turtles, they prefer to lay in the sun.
They make a hole with their hind legs about 45-50 centimeters and deposit 150 to 200 eggs.


sea turtle eggs

Incubation lasts about 60 days, at hatching, the baby turtles enjoy a high tide or to begin their descent to the sea

baby turtle swimming

On their journey they may encounter predators or birds, crabs, and once in the water all kinds of fish.
This is why the baby looking away from the coral reef, as the broadest possible to increase its chances of survival.


A year later, when its shell will become hard and well formed, the young turtle return to the coral reef.

egg-laying of sea turtle eggs

About 200 hatchlings initially only 2 or 4 will reach adulthood.
On the island of Ankazoberavina there are nearly 80 turtle nests per year.

We strive to identify by the picture identification to observe reproduction cycles.