Diving in Nosy Be

Diving in Nosy Be

Last update on 11th March, 2023 at 02:59 pm

Discover the Nosy Be’s seabed.

whale shark

Our dives take place in the Nosy Be archipelago, especially around the Beravina marine reserve located between Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja.

From Beravina island, with one of our fast boats, we can reach in less than 30 minutes all the diving spots in the area.
We have 2 catamarans equipped for scuba diving as well as 2 new fast boats.

The exceptional situation of Beravina allows us to reduce our environmental footprint.
If you don’t have the time for liveaboard cruising and if the ecological impact is one of your priority, we avoid traveling by using motor and we suggest diving directly around the island.
People won’t dive ! no problem they may access our beaches while you are diving for relaxing and enjoying the calm of the island.

beravina beach


2 baraccudas


trevally fish

a fish melts in the coral

leopard moray

grouper fish

Whether you are a novice diver or seasoned divers, the diving spots are suitable for all levels, from the beach to deep diving in the big blue.
We offer scuba diving and scuba diving courses.
For the more motivated, we also offer night dives to discover the seabed differently.
In general, we do not exceed 40m deep, except for certain deep dives reserved for experienced divers.

Massimiliano will take care of you, respecting the standards of diving and he will monitor your safety.

Our goal is to offer you a quality service, an original experience within intimate diver’s group according to your wishes and your scuba skills.

leopard shark

In the diving area, the temperature of the water don’t change so much and the diving suits will bring you warm to make you feel good.
Our diving equipment is checked and renewed regularly.

Spots are very diverse.
You can dive on varied reefs, sandy bottoms, caves, arches, faults …


Above these reliefs, you can observe a lot of fish, turtles, sharks, whales, whale sharks, dolphins, eagle rays, stingrays, mantas, …
Pelagic fish fans will obviously turn to the open sea and lovers of colors and macro will content themselves with shallow reefs.

box fish

A liveaboard diving cruise is also an ideal way to combine a discovery and diving stay.

ulysse anchor up

Our boats anchor up in the most famous diving spots, from the north to the Mitsio archipelago and south to the Radama Islands.
In the morning, after waking up, you’ll be directly on the diving spots and you will enjoy the rest of the day to visit the islands.

tsarabajina view
You will find by following this link, the description of the main diving spots that we suggest…
You will make unforgettable dives.