Liveaboard Nosy Hara

Liveaboard Nosy Hara

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Baie du courrier, Nosy Hara

This original and authentic cruise takes you to the Nosy Hara Natural Park. Scuba diving and snorkeling can be done at any stage of this route. The archipelago is made up of 17 islands north of Cape Saint Sebastien. The main one is Nosy Hara.

This area surrounded by coral reefs is protected since 2012, you can enjoy with sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, tsingys and many aquatic and coral species.

This cruise takes place on a minimum of 7 to 8 days.
The most favorable periods are in April and May. Then, in November, December and January.

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Grande Mitsio:

Departure from the crater (Ambatoloaka) towards Grande Mitsio, visit the island, the splendid beach of Ampasindava as well as the forest of Pachypodiums. There are some basaltic organs behind the southwestern tip of the island (a geological formation of black basalt).

Cape San Sébastien:

After breakfast, the route continues towards Cape San Sebastián. Snorkeling or diving. Mooring on the spot.

Nosy Hara:

Departure for the Nosy Hara archipelago in the middle of the bay des couriers. Protected since 2012 and consisting of 17 islands surrounded by coral reefs. You can see seabirds, bats, and many reptiles including brookesia micra, the smallest chameleon in the world.

Nosy Lava:

Nosy Lava is a volcanic island lined with rocks that fall steeply over the sea. A sandy tongue connects the two parts of the island. Visit the fishing village of sharks.

Nosy Ankarea :

Nosy Ankarea is a basaltic island, shaped like a table, bordered by white sand. A path allows to go to the top of the island to enjoy the splendid panorama on all the archipelago.

Nosy Tsarabanjina:

A splendid island bordered by a white sand beach (in Malagasy its name means the island of white sand). On the ground there is a Sakalava cemetery built in a large cave. You can see fish eagles, herons, water hens.

4 Frères / 4 Brothers:

Monoliths that emerge from the sea and on which a multitude of birds make their nests such as cormorants, beaks with blue beaks and frigates.

nosy hara baie du courrier
Route from Nosy Be to Nosy Hara.

Nosy Hara + visiting the northern reserve parks

During your stay, it will be possible for you to go on a 7 to 8-day liveaboard catamaran, visiting the Mitsio Islands, then the islands of the Nosy Hara archipelago. In the second part of the trip, you will disembark ashore at Ampasindava, where a 4×4 will be waiting for you to take you to Diego-Suarez. You will visit the city and its vestiges of the colonial era, as well as its large market. The next day, you will visit the three bays (Bay of Sakalava, the Mountain of the French, and the Emerald Sea). Then the next day, you will discover the Amber Mountain, a real primary forest with many endemic species of animals and plants and a magnificent waterfall.

On the way back, you can visit the Red Tsingy, and the Ankarana Park, in one day, or in two, depending on your program. Then, to choose for the return:

By land: return to Nosy Be, by road, going to Ankify where a fast transfer boat will be waiting for you.

visit reserves parks
Route to Nosy Hara with the visit of the Northern Madagascar parks

By sea: join Ampasindava then return by catamaran.

visit north parks
Visit north parks and return to Nosy Be by catamaran

With the whole crew you would fully enjoy your vacations, worrying for nothing because the skipper knows the region very well. His presence won’t modify in no way your liberty to navigate because he will be happy to let you the control anytime you want. Fishing rods for drift fishing are always available aboard but off the protected zones. The other possible activities aboard are submarine fishing, diving, snorkeling, trekking on land and sailing on kayak, if the places afford it.