Baby humpback whale

Baby humpback whale

Last update on 11th March, 2023 at 03:04 pm

Mother whale and her baby.


baby whale breaching


In Nosy Be’a area during the southern winter, whale female take care of their baby.
The small new whale is about 4 meters big for more than 600kg. He never moves away from his mother.
A female Humpback can often be seen teaching her calf to breach.
The baby whale is breaching the water with amazing acrobatic abilities.
He’s able to perform spectacular jumps.


whale watching drone

drone whales

baby humpback whalenosy be

mother whale guide her calf

searching whales

humpback and baby

Mr Guglielmo Ferraresi aboard our “Alcione” boat has filmed these magnificent moments of tenderness between a whale mother and her baby.
Breaching, breaths, tendrils, the small calf is learning in front of his mother. It turns on itself before coming out of the water.

In the pic below, we notice the pectoral fin of the protective mother who guides her calf.
pectoral fin guide

The baby whale goes under his mother to feed. During this step, part of the daily 40 liters breast milk will be swallowed. The humpback whale milk is very fatty and nutritious.
This will allow him to gain weight very quickly and face the long travel back to Antarctica.

feeding baby whale
Our daily whale watching and our catamaran cruises north to Nosy Mitsio and south to Radama islands offer magnificent opportunities to observe humpback whales.
The drone video below includes a breastfeeding sequence as well as a moving scene or mother whale guide her calf in the big ocean.